How to Keep An Old Dog Happy and Healthy

Adult dog with beautiful shot.

Owning a dog means filling their lifetime of companionship and friendship. However, since canine years are shorter than human ones, our beloved pets age more quickly than we do. Depending on their breed and health, your pet could be considered a senior dog at any age between five and fifteen. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your dog any longer.

If you want your senior dog’s golden years to be as enjoyable as possible, keep reading. In this article, we’ll be sharing several ways to keep an elderly dog happy and healthy.

Visit the Vet More Often

Early diagnosis of health problems is critical, especially as they get older. Regular visits allow your veterinarian to suggest pet care improvements that can help protect your dog’s health.

Make Sure Your Pet Is Getting Enough Exercise

Although your older dog has become less active and prefers to sleep a lot, they still need to exercise. If not, their muscles will weaken. With regular exercise, dogs can remain active, healthy, and happy as they age. Even though your dog appears to tire quickly, make sure to walk and play with them every day to keep them strong.

Feed Your Older Dog a Nutritious Diet

The greatest way to show your senior dog you care is to provide them with a nutritious diet made from high-quality ingredients. Portion control is also critical as your old dog’s metabolism begins to decline — otherwise, it could start your dog on a path towards obesity.

Obesity reduces a dog’s lifespan and makes them more susceptible to sickness and other conditions. You should also speak with your pet’s veterinarian. If your dog is already overweight or has a medical problem, they may require a specific diet to help reduce it in a healthy way.

Groom Your Elderly Pet Regularly

It’s essential to groom your dog regularly as they become older, as decreased activity can lead to more matting. You should also brush your dog’s coat often to remove any loose, irritating hairs and ensure that their skin is healthy.

Brushing is essential for elderly dogs, and it’s not just for bonding and spending time together. It also allows you to detect any skin issues that may arise, including dry skin, which may increase as your dog ages.

The Bottom Line

Caring for a senior dog might be difficult if your schedule does not allow you to devote the time necessary for your dog’s growing needs. No matter how old your dog gets, being a great pet owner is still possible. You just need some additional help! There are plenty of dog-loving specialists available in New Jersey to help your elderly dog age gracefully, from dog walkers to poop scooper services.

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