Yard Maintenance: Urine Burns

Two dogs playing at K9 Doodie Patrol pooper scooper service

One of the challenges many dog owners face is brown spots in their yard called urine burns. Using a pooper scooper is one thing, but it can be challenging to recover bald spots on your lawn. It can ruin the aesthetic of your outdoor space. Urine and grass don’t mix well. It can cause bald spots or discolored grass. While it may seem like something you have to live with, there are ways for you to manage urine burns and minimize them.

Why Does Dog Urine Affect My Lawn?

A dog’s urine reacts with the lawn, similar to the effects of liquid fertilizer. While they are fine in small amounts, anything more will kill grass because of nitrogen. Dogs are often prone to peeing on the same spot many times, causing saturation and urine burns. Female dogs often cause urine burns, but it can also happen with male dogs.

Tips To Prevent Urine Burn

Here are some tips you can apply to prevent future urine burns on your lawn:

  • Replant afflicted areas with sturdier grass: Some pet owners use ryegrass and fescue, which are more resilient. Other grasses like Bermuda are more sensitive to nitrogen and can degrade faster.
  • Add more water to your dog’s diet: By having more water, your dog will have less nitrogen in its urine. It will protect your lawn and is also healthier for your dog. If your dog doesn’t like drinking water, you can encourage the dog to drink more by adding non-sodium broth to the bowl.
  • Train your dog: You can condition your dog to pee in another area far from your grass. Some products encourage your dog to pee there, and you can buy one to help your dog adjust.
  • Use dog dietary supplements: Some supplements help inhibit nitrogen in urine, making them less toxic to your grass.
  • Use less fertilizer: You may want to hold back on using nitrogen-filled fertilizer if your dog pees on your lawn. The combination of both may be the reason why you are experiencing urine burns.
  • Spray the area with water: If you spot your dog peeing on your lawn, you can pour water to lessen the nitrogen there.
  • Use a lawn repair treatment: Some treatments can help the soil by cleansing it from harmful elements contained in urine. There are spray products and concentrates. Make sure to read the label before use.

Use A Dog Pick Up Services

If you find urine burns troubling or don’t have the time, you can hire a dog waste removal service instead. K9 Doodie Patrol specializes in cleaning up after your pets. Our goal is to provide you the most efficient service in your home while ensuring we’re not a bother. We are the most reliable pooper scooper service in New Jersey.