Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Dog Poop Scooper Service for Commercial Property Owners!

K9 Doodie Patrol understands the needs of commercial properties when it comes to dog waste removal. Properties with multiple dog owners can be a big task to tackle, but we are more than ready to take on your dog waste disposal needs. We work with residential developments, parks, kennels, training facilities and many more commercial properties. No matter what your pet waste issue is, our very professional staff will develop a custom quote for your commercial property based upon your needs in a safe professional manner.

We offer several different commercial packages at K9 Doodie Patrol: weekly, twice a week, and one-time clean-up services to meet your unique needs. Save your company’s valued time and labor by contacting us for a quote today!

We Offer Pet Waste Removal Services for Animal Parades, Pet Shows, Parties, and More!

Do you have a charity, company, or organization event coming up where you don’t want people to have to watch where they step? Then K9 Doodie Patrol is here to help. We are well equipped to handle your pet waste removal needs. You can be assured that when K9 Doodie Patrol comes to prepare for your event, we have treated all of our clothing, equipment, and accessories with disinfectant.

K9 Doodie Patrol professionals come to your area, sanitized and disinfected, so that we can pick up and remove all dog waste without spreading anything from any other yards. We start by disinfecting our shoes and tools, and thoroughly survey your area for pet waste using a proven search pattern. With our service you can take comfort that everyone will be stepping safely through your event!