11 Hacks for Easy Dog Waste Removal – The Green Way!

dog during autumn.

Dog waste removal is an important task every pet owner needs to do to keep the environment clean.

However, these tasks can be tedious and complicated if you don’t know how to dispose of this waste properly. Proper dog waste removal involves picking up the waste and taking it somewhere where it cannot contaminate its surroundings and cause problems for anyone else.

To help you do this, we put together a list of 11 hacks for easy dog waste removal, so you can easily clean after your pet.

Hack #1: Composting/Fertilizer

You can use the waste of your dog as a natural fertilizer for growing plants. In this case, you can use a compost pit to store the waste and turn it into something useful that can reduce greenhouse gases.

Hack #2: Green Bins

Green bins are great for people that live in places where the local authorities promote them to help people dispose of their dog waste whenever they are taking their pets for a walk.

Hack #3: Toilet Flushing

Flushing is another good alternative that you can use to get rid of your dog waste. However, keep in mind that you cannot do this everywhere since it is only allowed in certain cities.

Hack #4: Compostable Bags

These bags are an eco-friendly solution for disposing of dog waste and other materials that can contaminate the environment. You can use these bags in your home or take them with you outside to clean after your dog.

Hack #5: Burying It in the Soil

This method is very easy — and effective. The only thing that you need to take into account is that you need to do it in places with enough space in between and dig six to 12 inches in the soil before you bury it.

Hack #6: Waste Disposal System

A waste disposal system is a more expensive option on the list, but it helps you clean your dog waste with no effort. These systems use a septic tank to process everything and keep the environment safe.

Hack #7: Dog Waste Removal Companies

There are also many dog waste removal companies available all over the country that can take care of your pet waste and keep everything clean.

Hack #8: Waste Station

Waste stations are places specially designed to manage huge amounts of garbage — or a small amount of waste like dog poop in your case.

Hack #9: Special Landfills

These are places where we can drop off our dog waste every time they relieve themselves. We just need to make a small trip and drop it off in that area.

Hack #10: Worm Farms

It’s a great alternative that can help us dispose of dog waste by placing them on bedding with worms and letting them eat all the rest.

Hack #11: Biogas

Biogas is a natural gas that can be produced by using dog waste. To donate, you just need to go to different factories and organizations that produce biogas and drop off your dog’s waste.


With these 11 hacks for easy dog waste removal, you can easily take care of your pet and keep the environment 100% clean from waste contamination.

However, if you are too busy during the day unsure of where you want to deposit your dog’s waste, we recommend that you use the services of a dog waste removal company that can do this for you!