Residential Services

Dog Pooper Scooper Residential Services

Our Dog Pooper Scooper service will thoroughly doing a yard clean up on a regular schedule to keep it healthy and sanitary. All droppings are scooped, bagged in garbage bags and placed in your garbage receptacle. We disinfect our equipment after each visit to make sure your animal and family stays healthy. For reliable dog poop removal near me, search us using that exact keyword.

Weekly Maintenance

Our most popular service which provides efficient weekly maintenance. 

Maintenance 2X A Week

We highly recommend customers with multiple dogs to sign up for twice a week service to properly maintain and control dog waste. 

Initial Cleanup

A thorough 30 minute initial clean up applies to all new recurring customers. If time exceeds the 30 minute clean-up, a fee of $15 for each additional 15 minutes will be applied. 

One Time Clean-Up

We offer One Time Clean-ups for special events, spring cleaning, and much more. Click the free quote tab for pricing.

* Note: Rates given based on an average yard of ½ acre or less. If you have a larger yard or more than 5 dogs, pricing will be subject to change without notice.

*Waste service is subject to 6.625 % sales tax which will be added to your monthly billing.

*If you lapse 4 weeks of no maintenance you will be required to have or repeat the “initial clean-up”.

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