5 Awesome Outdoor Games to Play With Your Dog This Summer

Games to-Play-With-Your-Dog-No.1

5 Awesome Outdoor Games to Play With Your Dog This Summer

The ideal season to spend time with your dog is summer! You can enjoy fun activities like swimming, hiking, or playing fetch at the park. This blog post will go through five fun games to play with your dog this summer. Keep reading for some fantastic suggestions to keep you both entertained!

Games to Play With Your Dog No.1 Keep it Cool in the Doggy Pool

In the summer, when your dog might want to take a swim to cool off, a tiny plastic pool can provide hours of backyard entertainment. For a game of “bob for treats,” throw miniature carrots, apple slices, or your dog’s preferred reward into the water. It is a terrific way to get hesitant pups to dip their toes in the water. You can also add balls and toys that float in the pool. It is just one of the most fantastic games to play with your dog.

Throw a Frisbee to your Fur Baby

For agile, chasing dogs, frisbee can be an excellent game. You can try this exercise, provided your dog won’t get hurt from the jumping and twisting required to try to catch a frisbee in mid-air. Depending on your dog, it can be easy for them to learn how to throw a frisbee.

With your Doggos, Chase Bubbles

Many dogs enjoy chasing bubbles due to their floating motion and brilliance as they catch the sun. You may run around or sit on a chair while blowing bubbles for your dog, or you can even buy a device that will do it automatically. There are also dog-specific bubble makers available! This entertaining activity encourages active play and is one method to make your dog’s day more enjoyable. Just ensure that the bubble solution you’re using is harmless and won’t make your dog sick if they accidentally ingest bubbles.

Digging in the Sandbox

Owning a dedicated sandbox is like owning a small piece of heaven for dogs who enjoy digging. Use a kid’s sandbox to prevent neighborhood cats from using it as a litter box, and give your dogs some tempting treats. Use only spotless sand purchased from a nearby hardware store. Show your dog how to dig up his favorite chew toys by burying them in the sandbox. He’ll soon realize that his efforts will be rewarded, saving you the trouble of patching up another hole in your fence.

Set Up an Obstacle Course

If your yard is fenced in and your dog qualifies for agility training, you may set up a do-it-yourself dog obstacle course. It not only allows kids to get some exercise and an outlet for their energy, but it also stimulates their minds by exposing them to new information. The addition of an obstacle course can also help you design a dog-friendly backyard, provided your veterinarian gives you the go-ahead. These are the five most enjoyable games to play with your dog this summer. Playing with your dog strengthens your friendship. It also ensures that they get enough exercise and wards off lethargy. They will appreciate being able to work out with you both as well!  Be sure to visit our website at Dog Poop Pick Up Service NJ-K9 Doodie Patrol Pooper Scooper Service if you’re seeking a dog-friendly dog poop pick-up service and dog waste removal. We would want to provide you and your furbaby with summertime enjoyment without having to worry about their poop!