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On Duty Mobile Gym is Now Open. We Are Now Taking New Clients!

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A New Way to Exercise Your Dog.

On Duty Mobile Dog Gym is an exercise service for your dog that is literally delivered to your doorstep. Our fully equipped climate controlled mobile vans provide a fun, safe and secure way to walk your dog, especially during those hot summer months. Step inside our mobile dog gym and experience the happiest thirty minutes of your dog’s day.

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How we work

On Duty Single Run

You and your dog can try us out for a 30 min session!

One dog (1 run) – $55
Two dogs (1 run) – $85
Three Dogs (1 Run) – $115
Four Dogs (1 run) – $145
*more than 4, fill out our application for a custom quote

On Duty Membership (Best Pricing)

On Duty Membership keeps your pup in optimal health with our discounted program.

One dog (4 runs) – $200
Two dogs (4 runs) – $300
Three Dogs (4 runs) – $400
Four Dogs (4 runs) – $500

On Duty Events

On Duty Events brings our Mobile Dog Gym to your next event!

What Is A Dog Treadmill?

A dog running treadmill is called a “slatmill,” and it is not powered by a motor of any kind. Our mobile dog treadmill is made up of “slats” which are attached to a free-spinning belt, making a cushioned but solid surface for your dog to walk or run. This treadmill for dogs is harnessed to the equipment so they cannot fall off, and are encouraged to move forward using toys or positive motivation like clapping and cheering. There is no limit to how fast your dog can run, and many dogs will experience full-speed running that lasts for more than a few seconds for the first time. Our mobile dog exercise solutions cater to every speed and fitness level, ensuring your pup stays healthy and happy.

Most dogs work out once a week, or possibly twice if they are not running full speed. Your dog will be less reactive and destructive as well as more happy. They will live longer and be healthier over the course of their life.

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We know you will be pleased with our 100% satisfaction guaranteed work and look forward to building a lasting relationship with you and your dog(s).

How A Mobile Dog Gym Works

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Client Review

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Emily Murphy
Can’t recommend enough! Our dog Phoebe was very unsure of the treadmill, but Joel quickly gained her trust and was able to encourage her to get on just to familiarize herself with it. Joel was professional and timely with his arrival. We will be using them again!
K9 Doodie Patrol ALV-UjX6B_SkhX7tOa7Qwz8QCkyhKLjfSs3GKZDL26GXKlcDTpU=s120-c-rp-mo-ba3-br100 On Duty
Janet T
They arrived on time, and kept up good communication about our appointment. Maple (my dog) is pretty timid, but the handler knew what to do to get her relaxed and eventually on the treadmill. We had a good first session and look forward to the next!
K9 Doodie Patrol ACg8ocIz_ZA1s3V9b620SvncLQVsje_ULX5bdzBI4mdH91Cb=s120-c-rp-mo-br100 On Duty
Steven Matias
If I could make this 10 star I would! My Frenchie was able to get a full workout and knowing it was temp controlled really eased my stress especially with a brachy pup. Thanks On Duty!!!
K9 Doodie Patrol ALV-UjVofa2C6m5XM8c9iKc0mx_jL5PrgwBLbEQfVSp-0GA8MAU=s120-c-rp-mo-br100 On Duty
Cinthya R.
10/10 recommend , my dog loved it , I loved it . And he took the best nap ever after his session .

On Duty Service Areas

Mercer, Burlington, and Middlesex

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