5 Proven Tips From Dog Poop Removal Experts That Will Help You Get A Poop-Free Yard This Coming Winter Season

dog playing with his owner.

5 Proven Tips From Dog Poop Removal Experts That Will Help You Get A Poop-Free Yard This Coming Winter Season

The coming winter is here! While many say this is the time to be merry, how will you feel merry when you look out at your yard and find poo all over? Especially in the cold, nobody enjoys dog poop removal. It might be challenging during the colder months to clean up after your pet. The time has come to think of ways to keep your yard clean and poop-free this winter. Here are some pointers to help you maintain a poop-free, tidy, and healthy yard all winter long:

Build A Designated Potty Area

Set up a designated potty area in your yard. Choose a spot far from your home that is simple to maintain. Construct an enclosed space using chicken wire and fence posts, then fill it with sand or gravel. Cleaning up after your dog will be simple if you train them to use this area. If you’re tired of cleaning their mess even in your dedicated potty area, call a poop pick-up service to do the messy work for you. 

Rake The Leaves

Raking up the leaves that have fallen from your trees is one of the best ways to keep your yard tidy and poop-free during the winter. It will aid in forming a barrier between the snow and the ground. This method decreases the likelihood of wayward feces finding their way to the surface. Additionally, it will give you something to do on chilly days when you can’t be outside playing with your dog.

Put Up A Fence

If you don’t already have one, now is the time to put up a fence around your yard. It will help prevent other neighborhood dogs from entering and doing their business on your property. It will also give your dog a secure area to avoid any accidents inside your property.

Keep Your Dog’s Leash

The snow tempts you and wants you to let your dog run loose in your yard. But this is one of the quickest ways to fill your yard with dog poop. Their excitement may lead you to clean your yard all day long. So the best way for your dog to enjoy the snow without stressing is to keep them leashed. When leashed, they are more likely to poop in the designated area you built for them.

Hire A Reliable Dog Poop Scoop Service

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but having a reliable pooper scooper is crucial for keeping your yard tidy over the winter. Find a dog poop service company that offers poop scooping services all year round. By doing this, you can relax, knowing that someone will take care of your yard while you concentrate on spending quality time with your loved ones. You only need to unwind and take pleasure in the upcoming holidays!

Final Thoughts

Poop happens—even in the winter! But just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to deal with a messy yard full of dog poop. With these simple tips, you can keep your yard clean all season long. So get out there and enjoy the winter weather, knowing that when spring comes around, your yard will be ready for all the new growth (and new puppy piles)! Don’t let those poops get in the way of enjoying the holidays.

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