Canine Distemper: Causes, Signs, and Treatment

Canine Distemper: Causes, Signs, and Treatment

Distemper might sound okay to you if you’re a new pet owner because you’re not likely to be familiar with the word. However, it indicates a significant problem that requires prompt attention for individuals with more experience. Canine distemper is among the most harmful diseases that your dog could get. However, it is preventable. Following are the details on distemper that every dog owner needs to know, including its causes, symptoms, treatments, and strategies to avoid it.

What Is Canine Distemper?

You should be familiar with canine distemper if your dog has had all of his vaccinations. Veterinarians consider the distemper vaccine a core immunization. This infection is contagious and may be lethal, and dogs, ferrets, and diseased wildlife, including foxes, wolves, raccoons, skunks, and coyotes, are frequently exposed to it. 

The paramyxovirus, which also causes measles and rinderpest, causes canine distemper. It affects the dog’s bodily functions, causing a severe illness that is difficult to treat.

How is Canine Distemper Spread?

The disease spreads in dogs through direct contact between a vulnerable dog and a dog displaying symptoms. The virus can travel short distances via sneezing and coughing. The aerosol droplets released by an infected canine or wild animal when it coughs, sneezes, or barks spread the disease to neighboring animals and objects like food and water bowls.

Most disinfectants can kill the virus. Unfortunately, distemper-infected dogs can spread the virus for up to several months, endangering adjacent pets.

What Are The Signs and Symptoms Of Canine Distemper?

Depending on the severity of the infection inside their bodies, dogs with distemper exhibit a wide range of symptoms. The main clinical canine distemper symptoms are nausea, vomiting, coughing up a yellowish discharge, and, in more severe cases, seizures and neurological problems. There are cases where, even after treating the illness, dogs still suffer from persistent nervous muscle twitches and recurrent seizures.

Distemper typically manifests as a fever for 3 days to 1 week and a loss of appetite, aside from eye and nasal discharge. Another risk associated with canine distemper is a secondary bacterial infection. It develops when a dog’s immune system is compromised by the distemper virus, causing pneumonia, vomiting, and diarrhea. Some dogs have neurological symptoms when the illness progresses and spreads to the central nervous system; occasionally, this can lead to death.

Treatment for Canines and Puppies with Distemper

Canine distemper has no known cure. In addition to treating neurological, diarrheal, and vomiting symptoms, veterinarians also work to avoid secondary infections and dehydration. Most veterinarians advise hospitalizing dogs and isolating them to prevent the spread of the disease. 

How To Prevent Canine Distemper

Canine distemper is avoidable. Here are various things you can do to stop your dogs from getting distemper:

  • A complete set of distemper immunizations for your dog is a must and prevent any immunization gaps.
  • Do not let your dog interact with wildlife or sick animals.
  • Exercise caution when socializing a puppy or an unvaccinated dog, especially in areas where dogs mix, such as dog parks, classes, and dog daycare.

You can protect your precious dog from distemper by carrying out these actions. Speak to your veterinarian if you have any other questions regarding canine distemper, and dial their number immediately if you think your dog may be displaying symptoms of the disease.

Nobody wants to see their precious furry buddy struggle with a condition like a distemper. K9 Doodie Patrol is the group to contact if you’re concerned about your dog’s poop while caring for them during their distemper journey. The best pooper scooper in town is our business. We know how to scoop and sanitize poop properly because we’ve received training in this area. Our crew sanitizes their shoes and equipment before and after each session to prevent disease transmission.

We ensure that you will be pleased with our work, and we anticipate building a lasting relationship with you and your dog (s). Visit our website at to request a free quote and check if we serve your area.



5 Good Reasons To Adopt A Senior Dog

5 Good Reasons To Adopt A Senior Dog

We all love puppies. It makes sense that choosing a younger pup when adopting a new dog is the norm. However, you might ask yourself, “Should I adopt a senior dog?” You will be surprised at how fulfilling doing so can be.

Older canines are swarming shelters in search of new homes. Many of these dogs were once beloved pets before being abandoned.

Senior pets are frequently among the animals at the shelter who are most neglected. But everyone is aware that age is simply a number. Old dogs can still be just as much fun as puppies. Here are the five good reasons and benefits of adopting a senior dog.

Adopt a Senior Dog because They are Already Trained and Well-Behaved

Unlike puppies, senior dogs have already gone through the process of learning basic obedience commands and house training. As a result, they can settle into their new home faster and with less effort from the adopter. Senior dogs usually have socialization experience and are comfortable around people and other animals, making them the best choice for households with kids or other pets.

Adopt a Senior Dog because They are Low Maintenance

Puppy training and care require a great deal of effort and energy. Puppies need special care and consideration because they are also susceptible to infections. However, older dogs usually have more immunity and independence, which require less attention and care. It can be an advantage for busy families or individuals who desire a companion but lack the time or resources to care for a high-maintenance pet.

Adopt a Senior Dog because They are the Best Companion

One of the most fulfilling benefits of adopting a senior dog is great companionship. Many old dogs form close bonds with their owners as they age, which can give their owners a sense of security and comfort. They are excellent listeners who enjoy spending time with their human friends. Many older dogs appreciate a caring environment and express this by being loyal and affectionate.

Adopt a Senior Dog because You are Saving them from Possible Death

It may save a life to adopt a senior dog. Senior dogs are more likely to be put to sleep since they are frequently the last to be adopted from shelters. You can give an older dog a second chance at life and provide them with a loving home in their later years.

Adopt a Senior Dog because it can be A Great Fit for Older Adults

Senior dogs make the ideal companions for many older individuals. Elderly folks who might not have the strength or mobility to keep up with a younger, more energetic dog may benefit from the senior dog’s decreased energy level. It can provide companionship and a feeling of purpose. Senior citizens may also appreciate that it has already become a habit, relieving them of the responsibility of raising a puppy.


Nothing compares to seeing senior dogs that have been adopted live contentedly into their golden years. Being able to love an elderly dog can make every day unique. A kind, understanding attitude helps them adjust with comfort and ease. Are you looking for an active senior dog to go for walks with or a couch potato to keep you company? You can find them at your local animal shelter. Visit them and choose which senior dog companion you wish to take care of throughout its remaining years.

If you are now decided to have your senior companion but thinking of how to manage their poop or how to keep them active and moving, K9 Doodie Patrol got you covered.

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Also, K9 Doodie Patrol has launched its new service, K9 on Duty. We provide a range of training sessions, including obedience, agility, and behavior modification, in this mobile dog gym. Senior dog training should be convenient for both you and your pet.

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The 5 Reasons Why You Need To Hire a Professional Dog Poop Scooper Company this Winter

The 5 Reasons Why You Need To Hire a Professional Dog Poop Scooper Company this Winter

In keeping up with their pets’ waste, dog owners may find the winter months challenging. In cold weather, snow, and ice, it can be difficult to collect and dispose of dog poop, leading to unsanitary and sometimes hazardous situations. It’s a relief that experts can help you with dog poop removal. These companies have the skills and equipment to safely remove dog waste in any climate, including the cold. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the 5 reasons why hiring a professional dog poop scooper services during the winter months is beneficial:


If dog waste builds up on your property, it can become filthy, draw rodents, flies, and maggots, and attract pests that can spread disease. Your dog’s health could occasionally be at risk because of this. A trustworthy dog poop removal service may be able to help you prevent these problems by providing regular pickups, cleaning, and trash disposal. They ensure that waste is being disposed of properly, reducing the risk of infection.


Clearing ice and snow-covered walkways and driveways of dog waste can be difficult and dangerous, especially for older adults or those with limited mobility. Hiring a professional dog poop removal service can help keep your property safe and accessible. The best pooper scooper can clean up the areas and ensure your walkways and driveways are free from dog waste, which can be slippery when frozen and cause slips, trips, and falls.


Nobody loves to spend time outside scooping poop when it is chilly and snowing. This job can be done by a qualified dog poop scooper, freeing up your time to engage in activities you enjoy. From among the several that provide them, you can pick the best pooper scooper that offers the schedule that best suits your requirements. They will take care of the dirty work for you, whether you require service once a week, twice a week, or even daily, so you can unwind and enjoy the winter weather with your pet.


Wintertime dog waste on the ground can harm the environment. A professional dog poop scooper guarantees the waste is disposed of correctly. They send them to a dog waste composting facility or a municipal waste management facility. It ensures dog poop doesn’t wind up in the local water supply.


Hiring a professional dog waste removal service is less expensive than purchasing your gear and supplies. If you own numerous dogs, the price of a pooper scooper, bags, and other equipment can mount up rapidly. It is wise to consider the cost of equipment maintenance and repairs. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about maintaining and storing equipment during the off-season.



5 Proven Tips From Dog Poop Removal Experts That Will Help You Get A Poop-Free Yard This Coming Winter Season

5 Proven Tips From Dog Poop Removal Experts That Will Help You Get A Poop-Free Yard This Coming Winter Season

The coming winter is here! While many say this is the time to be merry, how will you feel merry when you look out at your yard and find poo all over? Especially in the cold, nobody enjoys dog poop removal. It might be challenging during the colder months to clean up after your pet. The time has come to think of ways to keep your yard clean and poop-free this winter. Here are some pointers to help you maintain a poop-free, tidy, and healthy yard all winter long:

Build A Designated Potty Area

Set up a designated potty area in your yard. Choose a spot far from your home that is simple to maintain. Construct an enclosed space using chicken wire and fence posts, then fill it with sand or gravel. Cleaning up after your dog will be simple if you train them to use this area. If you’re tired of cleaning their mess even in your dedicated potty area, call a poop pick-up service to do the messy work for you. 

Rake The Leaves

Raking up the leaves that have fallen from your trees is one of the best ways to keep your yard tidy and poop-free during the winter. It will aid in forming a barrier between the snow and the ground. This method decreases the likelihood of wayward feces finding their way to the surface. Additionally, it will give you something to do on chilly days when you can’t be outside playing with your dog.

Put Up A Fence

If you don’t already have one, now is the time to put up a fence around your yard. It will help prevent other neighborhood dogs from entering and doing their business on your property. It will also give your dog a secure area to avoid any accidents inside your property.

Keep Your Dog’s Leash

The snow tempts you and wants you to let your dog run loose in your yard. But this is one of the quickest ways to fill your yard with dog poop. Their excitement may lead you to clean your yard all day long. So the best way for your dog to enjoy the snow without stressing is to keep them leashed. When leashed, they are more likely to poop in the designated area you built for them.

Hire A Reliable Dog Poop Scoop Service

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but having a reliable pooper scooper is crucial for keeping your yard tidy over the winter. Find a dog poop service company that offers poop scooping services all year round. By doing this, you can relax, knowing that someone will take care of your yard while you concentrate on spending quality time with your loved ones. You only need to unwind and take pleasure in the upcoming holidays!

Final Thoughts

Poop happens—even in the winter! But just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to deal with a messy yard full of dog poop. With these simple tips, you can keep your yard clean all season long. So get out there and enjoy the winter weather, knowing that when spring comes around, your yard will be ready for all the new growth (and new puppy piles)! Don’t let those poops get in the way of enjoying the holidays.

We know how much you want to enjoy the coming holidays without worrying about your dog’s poop. That is why we offer to provide poop-scooping services all year round. Enjoy the holidays while we take care of the dirty work. Visit our website at Dog Poop Pick-Up Service NJK9 Doodie Patrol Pooper Scooper Service for a dog-friendly dog poop pick-up service and dog waste removal. It is our pleasure to help you so that you and your pet can enjoy the winter without worrying about their waste. 



The Most Effective Way to Remove Dog Waste

The Most Effective Way to Remove Dog Waste

Dog owners who let their dogs spend most of their time outside in the backyard know the time commitment needed to keep the lawn immaculate and poop-free. Other times, overworked, worn-out dog owners could even say that leaving the poop bags behind is pointless because the dog stays on their property. To ensure the overall safety of you and your pets, you must remove these droppings from your yard. Here are some tips and tactics for getting rid of canine waste so you can live a healthy, tidy life and stay out of the dog pooper scooper task. It doesn’t have to be difficult to clean up your yard.


Buy Some Useful Tools

Buy the best pooper scooper tool if you’ve ever wondered how to get rid of dog poop rather than carrying a towel and a pair of old gloves outside and praying you’ll at least have the mess wiped up. Any other equipment you may have lying around the house will grow nasty, won’t hold all the poop, and needs to be thrown away. You’ll be happy you did. The best technique for removing dog feces is to have the right tool for the job.


Outdoor Pet Waste Stations

If you want to learn how to get rid of dog poop safely, you can make pet waste stations for it to stay (like a hole in the ground). We advise that this hole must be two feet deep, but we caution pet owners to be mindful of any cables and wires when digging the dog’s potty. It is the best way to put it all in one area and out of reach of your dogs and kids, but it’s probably not the ideal choice if you never want to deal with doo-doo again.


Train Your Dogs To Use Their “Pet Waste Stations

Contrary to what many people think, dog poop isn’t fertilizer. In reality, as the turds accumulate, your lawn begins to suffer, not to mention that your kids can tread on it if they play outside. Many websites offer advice on how to train your dogs to relieve themselves in pet waste stations when you search the internet for ways to get rid of dog poop. These tips will make your cleanup safer and quicker while preventing hazardous waste from damaging your yard.

Don’t forget to call K9 Doodie Patrol!

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5 Awesome Outdoor Games to Play With Your Dog This Summer

5 Awesome Outdoor Games to Play With Your Dog This Summer

The ideal season to spend time with your dog is summer! You can enjoy fun activities like swimming, hiking, or playing fetch at the park. This blog post will go through five fun games to play with your dog this summer. Keep reading for some fantastic suggestions to keep you both entertained!

Games to Play With Your Dog No.1 Keep it Cool in the Doggy Pool

In the summer, when your dog might want to take a swim to cool off, a tiny plastic pool can provide hours of backyard entertainment. For a game of “bob for treats,” throw miniature carrots, apple slices, or your dog’s preferred reward into the water. It is a terrific way to get hesitant pups to dip their toes in the water. You can also add balls and toys that float in the pool. It is just one of the most fantastic games to play with your dog.

Throw a Frisbee to your Fur Baby

For agile, chasing dogs, frisbee can be an excellent game. You can try this exercise, provided your dog won’t get hurt from the jumping and twisting required to try to catch a frisbee in mid-air. Depending on your dog, it can be easy for them to learn how to throw a frisbee.

With your Doggos, Chase Bubbles

Many dogs enjoy chasing bubbles due to their floating motion and brilliance as they catch the sun. You may run around or sit on a chair while blowing bubbles for your dog, or you can even buy a device that will do it automatically. There are also dog-specific bubble makers available! This entertaining activity encourages active play and is one method to make your dog’s day more enjoyable. Just ensure that the bubble solution you’re using is harmless and won’t make your dog sick if they accidentally ingest bubbles.

Digging in the Sandbox

Owning a dedicated sandbox is like owning a small piece of heaven for dogs who enjoy digging. Use a kid’s sandbox to prevent neighborhood cats from using it as a litter box, and give your dogs some tempting treats. Use only spotless sand purchased from a nearby hardware store. Show your dog how to dig up his favorite chew toys by burying them in the sandbox. He’ll soon realize that his efforts will be rewarded, saving you the trouble of patching up another hole in your fence.

Set Up an Obstacle Course

If your yard is fenced in and your dog qualifies for agility training, you may set up a do-it-yourself dog obstacle course. It not only allows kids to get some exercise and an outlet for their energy, but it also stimulates their minds by exposing them to new information. The addition of an obstacle course can also help you design a dog-friendly backyard, provided your veterinarian gives you the go-ahead. These are the five most enjoyable games to play with your dog this summer. Playing with your dog strengthens your friendship. It also ensures that they get enough exercise and wards off lethargy. They will appreciate being able to work out with you both as well!  Be sure to visit our website at Dog Poop Pick Up Service NJ-K9 Doodie Patrol Pooper Scooper Service if you’re seeking a dog-friendly dog poop pick-up service and dog waste removal. We would want to provide you and your furbaby with summertime enjoyment without having to worry about their poop!

What Does it Take to Be a Responsible Fur Parent? Here are the 5 Best Ways to be One!

What Does it Take to Be a Responsible Fur Parent? Here are the 5 Best Ways to be One!

You already know as a fur parent that your pets are more than just animals; they are living beings with personalities and emotions. If they are well-loved, they can be a loyal friend and valued addition to your family.. Having a pet entails a great deal of responsibility, but it’s also a unique experience. Every fur parent wants the best for their pet dogs. We’ve compiled the five best ways to help you become a responsible pet owner.

Create a pet-friendly environment in your home

Making your home secure for your dogs is one of the best things you can do for them. When they arrive at your home, it becomes their entire world. Make sure to keep hazardous plants out of reach of pets. Also, keep away any xylitol-containing items that are very toxic for your fur baby. To make your buddy happy, make sure to have toys, a fluffy blanket, and a bed for him.

Provide your fur baby with proper training

Pieces of training foster mutual respect and trust, and it may be a perfect opportunity for you and your best buddy to bond. When dogs are trained and taught new skills, they thrive. Obedience training assures your dog that he understands what to do and when to please his master. Obedience training also ensures that your pet acts appropriately among other people and animals.

Spay or neuter your fur baby

More animals end up in shelters than having a loving home ready and able to take them in. Having your furbaby spayed or neutered can help reduce the number of euthanized animals or end up in shelters. You’ll have to find them new homes unless you want to have additional puppies running around your house. It’s not always as simple as it appears, and unwelcomed newborns frequently end up  in shelters waiting to be put to sleep.

Give your fur baby a good regular workout

Not all pets are created equal. Some pets will necessitate more exercise than others. Dogs usually demand a lot of time outside to burn off excess energy, whether walking or playing in the park. Always keep in mind that a happy pet is exhausted. Exercise will enhance both your pet’s mind and body. It keeps them trim and healthy while also keeping them calm and docile.

Pick Up After Your Pet

Being a responsible fur parent also entails respecting others. Picking up your dog’s poop may not be your favorite part about owning a dog, but it’s an important one that helps keep our parks and outdoor spaces, along with our community and pets safe.   Dog poop is not actually fertilizer. Dog poop can contribute to water pollution and spread diseases if not disposed of correctly. One gram of dog poop contains 23 million bacteria, like E.coli, salmonella, Campylobacteriosis, and tapeworms. 

Help keep our communities safe by calling K9 Doodie Patrol to scoop your dog’s poop.

Having a dog is a blessing. Being a responsible fur parent will keep your dog happy and healthy. It entails a lifetime commitment, but it is always worthwhile. We know because we’ve dedicated our lives to caring for animals.

We at k9 Doodie Patrol not only perform a great job with dog poop removal , but we also put your pet’s health first. We are New Jersey’s top dog poop scoop service, and we take pride in being your most reliable pooper scooper. 

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Fun And Easy Dog Tricks For Beginners

Fun And Easy Dog Tricks For Beginners

Are You Here to Discover Fun And Easy Dog Tricks For Beginners?

It is enjoyable to play games, spend time together, and bond by teaching your dog new tricks. Also, dog training helps your dog develop vital obedience qualities like impulse control while allowing them to exercise both their body and mind. Keep in mind that teaching new commands to your dog may take some time and effort. To keep your dog interested in learning, make the process enjoyable. Here are the seven fun and easy dog tricks for beginners that you and your dog can learn.

1. Shake Hands

One of the sweetest things your dog may learn is the “shake hands” move. It is one of the most straightforward tricks to teach. The trick is that if your dog wants something, it will instinctively paw at you. Your dog will probably be obliged to paw at your hand if you offer it a closed clutch of treats since they are out of reach for their mouths. Your dog will undoubtedly pick up a new trick once they stop pawing and you start using the command “shake” repeatedly. 

2. Spin

Teaching your dog to spin on command is a common trick. Despite being daunting, you can teach your dog to do it with effort and the appropriate technique. Start with rewards and move to verbal commands. It is a success worth celebrating if you can train your dog to spin.

3. Play Dead

A terrific party trick that will impress your friends and family is “Play Dead.” Playing dead requires more patience to master than other commands like sitting or shaking hands.  Take your time, and to hasten the process, remember to reinforce using a clicker and goodies.  It will be much simpler for your dog to learn this trick if they already know the “Roll Over” trick.

4. Roll Over

Although “rolling over” may appear to be a challenging technique to master, it turns out to be very simple. This trick only needs to be repeated. Your dog will improve as you practice more. Before you know it, your friends will let you train their dogs for them! Just be sure to precisely walk your dog through each stage!

5. Hug/ Love

Aside from the fact that you can always hug your dog, this trick is cute because your dog will wrap its paws around you and hug you in return. Who wouldn’t want to learn this sweet trick? Remember to be patient with your dog’s learning process if you want to perfect this warm hug. Your dog will get lots of “awws” from your pals if you show them this trick.

6. Kiss

Although your dog may already generously kiss you daily, you can train them to do it on cue. One of the cutest skills to teach a dog is how to kiss. Even though not everyone appreciates a wet puppy smooch, children enjoy this dog trick very well. By placing a small goodie on your cheek and saying the command, you may quickly instruct your dog to give you all the love you desire. The ability to stop unwanted licking is a further advantage of teaching your dog to kiss on command.

7. Poop At The Designated Area

It is best for your yard’s grass and makes cleanup easier for you if you teach your dog to relieve himself in a specific place. Giving your dog his toilet spot can prevent children from playing in or stepping in your dog’s mess before you can clean it up, and it will also keep the rest of your yard open and clear of poop. 

How are you going to teach your dog this trick? Select a location just for your dog’s potty needs. Distractions should not be present, and the environment should be maintained tidy. Use a verbal command like “Go poop” to direct him to his designated area. Stay your dog there until he relieves himself. Give your dog a treat and some vocal praise as a reward for a job well done.

You must be eager to start training your dog tricks with such an engaging collection! Start with some of the easy dog tricks for beginners. It’s a great technique because you’ll feel more at ease speaking to your dog this way and find it much simpler to pick up complex skills. We at K9 Doodie Patrol are glad if this article helps you in your mission to teach your pet new tricks. We love witnessing the close bond between dogs and their owners. 

If you need a poop scooper, we are the guys to call! K9 Doodie Patrol is a reputable dog poop removal company. Get a free quote by calling us at 609-817-5937 or visit our website,, to start a regular scooping service. So you could enjoy learning new tricks with your dogs without worrying about their poop.


Puppy Diarrhea: Causes, Treatments, and Symptoms

Puppy Diarrhea: Causes, Treatments, and Symptoms

Getting a puppy is an exciting experience. You’ve probably been anticipating their arrival for months. House training your puppy can be overwhelming. The last you want is your pup to suddenly lose his appetite and energy and begin to have loose/eatery poop.

Diarrhea is never a pleasant experience. It is frequently a symptom of diseases caused by a variety of disorders. It’s a frequent problem with puppies, but it can become serious if they become dehydrated or swallow anything inedible or hazardous.

Let’s go through all you need to learn about puppies and diarrhea to get your pup back to its best self as soon as possible.

How Do Puppies Get Diarrhea?

Viruses such as parvovirus and distemper can induce diarrhea. These two viral infections are deadly and are said to be a puppy’s mortal enemy. Intestinal parasites and bacteria can also cause it and may demand tests to determine their presence. Puppies can also have diarrhea from a rapid change in their surroundings, such as a new diet, stress, or overfeeding.

Viral Infections

Puppies’ immune systems are at risk when young and not fully immunized. Puppies are more vulnerable to bacterial and viral infections than adult dogs. If your puppy has any infections, you may notice other symptoms such as fever, fatigue, and a loss of appetite. Because of their high fatality rate, these infections demand immediate medical care.



Puppies can acquire intestinal parasites such as roundworms and giardia from their mothers after birth. Common parasites are treatable with good vet care. However, some can be risky to your pet’s long-term health.



When a puppy separates from its mother or owner, it may likely experience anxiety and stress. Stress can increase by unusual sounds or scents, new meals, and unexpected changes in routines. A consistent activity, frequent feedings, exercise, and lots of love will help your puppy deal with stress.


Changes to Diet

Because pups’ digestive systems are still developing, they may have sensitive stomachs or have difficulty eating types of foods. If you change your puppy’s food, it may take weeks for your puppy to adjust. Also, puppy mouths or ingests almost everything they find intriguing, including garbage, debris, or their own or others’ poop. It can be problematic in some situations; certain things might induce an intestinal problem, while others are poisonous.


How to Deal with Diarrhea in Your Puppy

If your puppy has diarrhea or vomiting, consult your veterinarian immediately. Here are some ideas if your doctor believes you can address the condition at home:

Allow plenty of water for them to drink.

Replace lost fluids and electrolytes by giving your dog water, sodium-free soup, or pediatric beverages.

Allow for the recovery of their system.

Allow your puppy’s stomach to rest. Fasting a puppy without contacting a veterinarian is not advised since small puppies can get hypoglycemia. Feed them a bland diet that isn’t spicy. When your puppy is ready to eat again, try a low-sodium broth.

Give your fur baby a bland diet

When your dog is ready to eat again, simple white rice, sodium-free broth, and boiled chicken are easy to digest. You can give your puppy small amounts of this mixture to help them get over the illness.

When Should You Go to the Vet?

You can look for symptoms that your pet requires medical help.There may be a more serious problem if there is blood in your pet’s poop or if the stool is dark, tarry, and has a foul odor. Diarrhea with blood is never a good sign. Bloody, black, or tarry diarrhea is an indication of parvovirus infection. If you observe this, immediately take your dog to the nearest veterinarian. 

Other warning indicators include a loss of appetite and frequent vomiting. Medical treatment is unlikely if your dog does not exhibit these symptoms while suffering from diarrhea.


When it comes to pups and their health, the adage “prevention is always better than cure” is true. Hereby are ways to prevent diarrhea: 


  • Vaccination: Regular vet visits and puppy booster shots will help limit the risk of viral diarrhea, for which there is a vaccine. Because parvovirus is a fatal and expensive disease to cure, it makes sense to prevent it with a low-cost vaccination that is proven effective.
  • The gradual transition of new meals: Transitioning to a new food can cause gastrointestinal distress in dogs of all ages. Puppies are no exception; they are more susceptible to nutritional alterations than adults. To avoid stomach difficulties, food intolerances, or allergies, make gradual changes to their regular diet. 
  • Avoid table scraps: Your fur baby only requires a comprehensive, balanced puppy meal and possibly some healthy training treats. Many substances, additives, and flavors in table scraps are not advisable for your dog. Avoid giving them to your dog, and teach him that the table is for people, not puppies.
  • Deworming: Parasites can hamper your puppy’s development and cause health problems, including infection in you and your family. Deworming and cleaning up poop will keep your puppy parasite-free. If you suspect worms, take a stool sample to your veterinarian for testing.
  • Pick up poop always: By ingesting their feces, puppies can spread the disease. It’s less likely to happen if you pick it up from the yard. It is irritating to go after your puppy because of his diarrhea, so it is vital to have a dog poop service during these times. K9 Doodie Patrol is a group of experts that will help you safely clean your pup’s poop. 

Diarrhea may seem common in puppies, and you can lessen the causes of diarrhea by using the simple prevention techniques listed above. It will assist your puppy in developing into the best adult fuzzy friend you can imagine.

We understand how stressful it is if your puppy falls ill unexpectedly, and you want the best treatment possible. We will help you clean the poop caused by diarrhea! K9 Doodie Patrol is a professional dog removal service agency with the knowledge and expertise to safely scoop dog poop from your property. To start a regular scooping service, contact us today at 609-817-5937 or visit our website to get a free quotation. 


5 Things Your Dog’s Poop Can Tell You About His Health

Are you concerned about your dog’s health? The best proof is your dog’s poop. Healthy dog poop is a sign of a healthy furbaby and keeping an eye on your dog’s poop can help you spot any health issues. This is why your best dog poop scoop service partner in NJ, Feeling confused about what does healthy dog poop look like? K9 Doodie Patrol, has compiled a list of 5 things your dog’s poop can tell you about his health.

K9 Doodie Patrol 5 Things Your Dog's Poop Can Tell You About His Health

1. Color

K9 Doodie Patrol 5 Things Your Dog's Poop Can Tell You About His Health


The color of your dog’s excrement may tell you not just what kind of food he eats but also how healthy he is. If your dog’s feces is green, it could mean he ate too much grass, or in the worst-case scenario, he has a gallbladder condition. If your pet’s stool is black and greasy, it could be a sign of internal bleeding. If the color of your dog’s stool changes, it’s always a good idea to get him examined by a veterinarian to figure out what’s causing the problem. You can prevent your dog from developing a more serious health problem by doing so.

2.  Watery Poop

Watery stools are one of the most common canine poop issues and can be caused by a variety of reasons. Parasites, illnesses such as parvovirus or distemper, and even stress, to name a few, can cause it. Give your dog a plain diet, a probiotic drink or supplement, and plenty of water to keep it hydrated if it’s pooping watery stool. If your dog’s diarrhea continues and is followed by a loss of appetite or fever, take him to the veterinarian to find out what’s causing the watery poop.

3. Hard Poop

Hard stools are not a pleasant sight, and they are also not a healthy sign for your dog. Constipation is identified by small, rock-like stools. But, do not be alarmed; constipation is a normal thing in canines. Giving your dog more water will solve the problem. It will not only make pooping easier for your dog, but it will also ensure that he gets enough water.

K9 Doodie Patrol 5 Things Your Dog's Poop Can Tell You About His Health


4. Poop Content

The contents of your pet’s stool are important to their health. If you notice your dog’s excrement is slippery and has a layer of mucus-like matter in it, you should be alert. Parvovirus, parasites, or inflamed colon could potentially be at blame. While caution is advised, there is usually a fair possibility that the mucus will clear up after a few bowel activities. Call the vet if the mucus becomes a regular occurrence, even after numerous pooping.

5. Poop Amount

Your dog’s poop excretion is related to the amount of indigestible material on his meal. Processed kibbles are one of the most common causes of huge poops. Kibbles often have a high carbohydrate and fiber content, the more fiber and carbohydrate, the more poop. Just as it does in humans, if a dog’s body is unable to absorb the meal, it appears as a stool. If your dog ejects a lot of poop on a regular basis, this could indicate that it isn’t thoroughly digesting its meal. With that, you should check and examine the food’s composition.


dog poop meaning is hard to understand but keep in mind that your pet’s poop reveals a lot about their health. While each pet’s poop may vary, experts believe that as long as your dog poops regularly and is equal to the amount of food they’re eating, they’re in good health.

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