Fun And Easy Dog Tricks For Beginners


Fun And Easy Dog Tricks For Beginners

Are You Here to Discover Fun And Easy Dog Tricks For Beginners?

It is enjoyable to play games, spend time together, and bond by teaching your dog new tricks. Also, dog training helps your dog develop vital obedience qualities like impulse control while allowing them to exercise both their body and mind. Keep in mind that teaching new commands to your dog may take some time and effort. To keep your dog interested in learning, make the process enjoyable. Here are the seven fun and easy dog tricks for beginners that you and your dog can learn.

1. Shake Hands

One of the sweetest things your dog may learn is the “shake hands” move. It is one of the most straightforward tricks to teach. The trick is that if your dog wants something, it will instinctively paw at you. Your dog will probably be obliged to paw at your hand if you offer it a closed clutch of treats since they are out of reach for their mouths. Your dog will undoubtedly pick up a new trick once they stop pawing and you start using the command “shake” repeatedly. 

2. Spin

Teaching your dog to spin on command is a common trick. Despite being daunting, you can teach your dog to do it with effort and the appropriate technique. Start with rewards and move to verbal commands. It is a success worth celebrating if you can train your dog to spin.

3. Play Dead

A terrific party trick that will impress your friends and family is “Play Dead.” Playing dead requires more patience to master than other commands like sitting or shaking hands.  Take your time, and to hasten the process, remember to reinforce using a clicker and goodies.  It will be much simpler for your dog to learn this trick if they already know the “Roll Over” trick.

4. Roll Over

Although “rolling over” may appear to be a challenging technique to master, it turns out to be very simple. This trick only needs to be repeated. Your dog will improve as you practice more. Before you know it, your friends will let you train their dogs for them! Just be sure to precisely walk your dog through each stage!

5. Hug/ Love

Aside from the fact that you can always hug your dog, this trick is cute because your dog will wrap its paws around you and hug you in return. Who wouldn’t want to learn this sweet trick? Remember to be patient with your dog’s learning process if you want to perfect this warm hug. Your dog will get lots of “awws” from your pals if you show them this trick.

6. Kiss

Although your dog may already generously kiss you daily, you can train them to do it on cue. One of the cutest skills to teach a dog is how to kiss. Even though not everyone appreciates a wet puppy smooch, children enjoy this dog trick very well. By placing a small goodie on your cheek and saying the command, you may quickly instruct your dog to give you all the love you desire. The ability to stop unwanted licking is a further advantage of teaching your dog to kiss on command.

7. Poop At The Designated Area

It is best for your yard’s grass and makes cleanup easier for you if you teach your dog to relieve himself in a specific place. Giving your dog his toilet spot can prevent children from playing in or stepping in your dog’s mess before you can clean it up, and it will also keep the rest of your yard open and clear of poop. 

How are you going to teach your dog this trick? Select a location just for your dog’s potty needs. Distractions should not be present, and the environment should be maintained tidy. Use a verbal command like “Go poop” to direct him to his designated area. Stay your dog there until he relieves himself. Give your dog a treat and some vocal praise as a reward for a job well done.

You must be eager to start training your dog tricks with such an engaging collection! Start with some of the easy dog tricks for beginners. It’s a great technique because you’ll feel more at ease speaking to your dog this way and find it much simpler to pick up complex skills. We at K9 Doodie Patrol are glad if this article helps you in your mission to teach your pet new tricks. We love witnessing the close bond between dogs and their owners. 

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