10 Reasons You Should Get a Pooper Scooper Service: If You’re a Pet Owner, Read This!

dog raising his hand.

Part of being a responsible dog owner requires picking up after your dog. It may not be a glamorous task, but someone has to do it. Dog poop facts reveal that only about 60% of owners pick up after their pets! We’ll give you ten reasons not to add to this number and how a pooper scooper service could be the game-changer you need.

1.  Pooper Scooper Laws

Most states implement pooper scooper laws that come with hefty fines if you don’t follow them. Not only is leaving your pet’s doodie irresponsible and unhealthy but i’s illegal in most states, too.

2.  Common Courtesy

When you leave dog poop in shared spaces, other people and pets will likely step on it. Nobody deserves that kind of mess and smell. As the owner, it’s your responsibility to pick it up and dispose of it properly.

3.  Health Hazards

Abandoned dog doo-doo can become a breeding ground for diseases and parasites that can infect other dogs and spread through people. Disposing of it right away reduces disease risks.

4.  Harmful to the Environment

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies dog poop as a toxic pollutant. Yes, neglected dog waste harms the environment as much as it does other dogs and people.

5.  Contaminates Water Sources

When owners leave dog poop behind, rain runoff can push it into storm drains, lakes, and streams. Nobody wants to drink excrement-polluted waters, but it can happen.

6.  Pollutes Air

A 2011 article on air pollution states that at one time, dog waste comprised 10 to 50% of air-borne bacteria in Cleveland and Michigan. We hope you’re not still thinking about leaving your dog’s droppings!

7.  Not the Ideal Fertilizer

Some dog owners will argue that dog excrement is a natural fertilizer. While cow manure is an excellent compost, dog poop is not. Leaving it behind is not helpful for anyone — even plants.

8.  Too Much Waste

Recent dog poop statistics show that dogs in the U.S. produce 21.2 billion pounds of waste each year. Proper disposal is ideal because one gram contains up to 23 million bacteria that carry all sorts of diseases like coronavirus, parvo, and salmonella.

9.  Does Not Wash Away

We’ve heard of many misconceptions about dog feces, like how it washes away or breaks down on its own. It does not. It takes as much as one year to naturally break down, with the bacteria lingering along for far longer.

10.      Unsightly Properties

Abandoned dog poop is disgusting to look at, especially in large quantities in public spaces. Everybody deserves to live in a clean neighborhood, so do your part by scooping up your pet’s waste.

Consider Pooper Scooper Services

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