Have A Refreshing Summer With A Clean Yard

Puppy running toward the camera.

Pooper scooper services will make summer a refreshing, hassle-free season for dog owners like you.

Your backyard is a great place to chillax with your pets or to have a barbecue party with your family this summer. However, you will not be able to properly enjoy the outdoor areas of your home if your dog’s waste is scattered all over the place.

That’s why you need dog waste removal services this summer. Read on to discover what exactly a pooper scooper service is and what its benefits are for pet owners such as yourself.

What Is a Pooper Scooper Service?

A pooper scooper service is a type of pet waste management service provided by individuals or a company. It involves professionals going to your house or workplace to clean up your dog’s waste.

Pooper scooper experts typically offer various options for dog pick up services such as monthly, bi-monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, or one-time services.

The Benefits of Pooper Scooper Services

You may be curious to learn what the advantages of pooper scooper services are. Here are some of the potential benefits of hiring dog waste removal experts.

Enjoy a Clean Yard

The most important benefit of pooper scooper services is a clean yard. During the dry season, you may mistakenly assume that your dog’s waste is disintegrating on your lawn. Yet even if it appears to be part of the ground, your pet’s poop is actually polluting the soil and grass. This could result in heartworm spreading to your dog. You need dog waste removal services to maintain the freshness of your yard and to protect the health of your furry friend and your family.

Get Professional Results

While you can pick up your dog’s waste on your own, your personal efforts may not be as effective as the professional efforts of experts. Aside from offering waste removal services on a regular basis, a pooper scooper company also provides disinfecting treatments for your yard. Professionals are capable of sanitizing your yard on a whole different level to create a more hygienic environment for your dogs.

Gain Free Time This Summer

Yes, it’s true that you can tidy up your yard on your own. However, cleaning up your dog’s waste every day can consume a lot of your time.

You can free up more time by hiring a pooper scooper company. By letting the professionals handle the job, you will have more opportunities to have fun with your pets, family, and friends during the summer season.

Connect With K9 Doodie Patrol to Get Pooper Scooper Services

If you are stressed by the mess your pets are making, K9 Doodie Patrol is ready to come to your rescue. Get in touch with K9 Doodie Patrol if you need pooper scooper services this summer. K9 Doodie Patrol is an independently owned pooper scooper service in New Jersey.

Our dog waste removal services will make your life easier and keep your environment more hygienic. We will do a one-time thorough cleaning for new customers like you. We can tidy up your yard every week to keep your pet waste issues under control. We can also provide maintenance services twice a week if you have a big dog or several pets.

You and your furry friends are important to us. We will always do our best so you and your pets can enjoy a clean, safe yard during the summer. We will always respect your privacy at home as we tidy up your yard.

Let K9 Doodie Patrol clear up the mess that your doggies leave behind. Enter your zip code to get a free quote now. Call us at (609) 817-5937 or fill out the form to connect with K9 Doodie Patrol today.